Get Involved!

Volunteering has many benefits. It is a great way to meet new people and network. We are ALWAYS looking for passionate professionals to help guide and drive the work that MACCA members undertake to truly make a difference in the world. If you have skills or knowledge you want to share, or have a desire to learn a new skill, reach out to one our board members to learn about the ways in which you can get involved! MACCA has three committees that would love to have YOU!

Marketing Committee: Join or contact the Marketing Committee

  • Manage discussions and communication through social media channels such as LinkedIn, twitter, and other networking/communication media.
  • Collaborate on and facilitate bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Work collectively with MACCA President to facilitate necessary update to the website.
  • Work with the Conference Chair/Co-Chairs to coordinate the dissemination of publicity to members and to targeted constituents.

    Conference Committee: Join or contact the Conference Committee

    • Solicits and organizes all conference volunteers to provide support as needed.
    • Recruit representatives from career services related organizations for sponsorship, advertising and/or demonstrations during professional development events.
    • Plan and facilitate the annual conference, from the brainstorming phase all the way through event execution.

    Member Engagement Committee: Join or contact Member Engagement Committee

    • Recruit and welcome new members at professional development events and through electronic communications.
    • Manage membership records through association management system.
    • Create/update online evaluations to be sent out to members following professional development events. 
    • Facilitate registration for professional development events as needed.
    • Identify potential recipients for annual awards.
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