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MACCA Complaint Policy

All member complaints must be made in writing and to the Secretary Email The membership chair is responsible for recording the e-mail complaint under that particular member’s profile within Wild Apricot to keep proper records and timelines. 

The membership chair must also respond to the complainant within 5-7 days of the complaint being sent, with a general message confirming receipt of the message and informing them that the complaint is being processed through the proper channels.  In the same e-mail, they will also inform the complainant that they will receive a response within 30 business days. The sitting MACCA President should be CC’d on all correspondence.

 The President will contact the appropriate parties (depending on type and scope of complaint) and set up a phone conference ASAP to discuss the issue and come to a solution, if possible.  If the solution requires a board vote in order to move forward, the president will draft and send the e-mail to the board to vote on and allow 2 days to collect responses.  It is best to vote at a board meeting if time allows.  There must be a forum and votes must be received from a majority of the board in order to count.

 The President will inform the complainant of the decision/vote through a personalized e-mail (MACCA official logo and signature included).  The President must also provide their phone number for the complainant to use for clarification and/or to discuss the issue further. 

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