MACCA, the Future, and You...

To provide a specialized, supportive and diverse organization where career professionals in the Middle Atlantic States can enhance the quality of their skills while networking and collaborating with others in the field. 

MACCA is noted for its uniqueness in diversity of membership. It is a dynamic organization dedicated to the professional development of its members and enhanced by a climate of camaraderie and member accessibility. And this will only grow stronger as we embark on the next 50 years of MACCA. We are currently experiencing a resurgence of our civil rights movement and many are working tirelessly to dismantle systemic racism. While we are experiencing drastic changes, some positive and some devastating, our community is dedicated to inclusion and dynamic adaptation to the world as it is today.

We are also preparing for the future. Our labor market has not yet experienced the full impact the pandemic will have on our economy and our professional environments. That is where our membership body plays its role in repairing after the pandemic. Our members are the ones who will help light the way for countless people needing to feed their families, pay their rents, and share their gifts with the world. These are people who may not have been prepared to be searching for work again or had the industry they spent their career mastering evaporate overnight. Career development professionals will be at the cutting edge of understanding the rapidly changing demands of the workforce and preparing and strategizing to help people successfully navigate and survive these uncertain times.

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