Concurrent Sessions - Thursday, December 7

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9:00 - 10:30 AM: Conference Opening Keynote

Marie Zimenoff
Career Choice & Change: New Models for the Future of Work

10:45 AM - Noon: Concurrent Session 1

We Need a Rewrite! Helping Clients Script Better Professional Interactions
Karen Chopra, Career Counselor - ChopraCareers                                                                                                     

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” That saying is particularly true for any professional interaction, from job interviews and salary negotiations to discussions about raises and promotions. Many of our clients struggle, in the moment, to deliver their points with poise and grace. We can help them gain confidence using the magic of talking points. This is an interactive workshop, so come with challenges in mind!

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • be able to describe what talking points are and how they can be used
  • recognize the impact of emotional activation on clients
  • understand the difference between what our clients want to say and how they can most effectively say it
  • develop a “go-to” list of favorite phrases to help coach clients on professional interactions

Reshaping students’ competitive advantage: Strategies for career practitioners to promote the development of career competencies

Lisa Cardello, Executive Director of Career Preparation & Experiential Learning - Rowan College at Burlington County
Tiffany Dowell, Director of Career Services - Cecil College
Eileen Synder, Career Practitioner - Snyder Careers

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, career readiness is “a foundation from which to demonstrate requisite core competencies that broadly prepare the college educated for success in the workplace and lifelong career management.” There is a belief that hard skills can be taught but soft skills (also known as career competencies) are something that you are born with or naturally occur as individuals progress through their life, education, and career. If this is true, how can career professionals imbue in our students the importance of soft skill mastery and help them identify opportunities within their degree completion efforts to work on these skills, within a framework of high impact practices such as group projects, undergraduate research, study abroad, and internships?

Learning Objectives:

This presentation will prompt a discussion on ways in which all stakeholders can provide opportunities to college students to embrace and improve career competency development.               

  • How can career professionals promote the development of career competencies among our students?
  • Where are the opportunities in their degree completion efforts to build upon soft skill mastery?
  • How does career competency development align with employment outcomes?

Career Counseling in a Multi-Generational World
Renee Lee Rosenberg, Certified Career Counselor & Owner - PosititivityPro            

In today's world we are seeing five generations working side by side, each with their own set of values, beliefs, styles, wants, needs and attitudes about work. Knowing about the generations and how to best communicate with each one helps us to build stronger connections with clients of all generations and helps to provide more effective career coaching support for successful employment outcomes.  In this informative and highly interactive presentation, Renee will describe the differences and similarities of the five generations and how we can help our clients communicate more effectively within the generational mix in their job search and in the workplace.

Renee will be sharing personal stories and stories from her recent speaking engagement in the UK at the ""Ambition"" business conference. Be prepared to learn, share, and have fun."              

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • learn how to identify the differences as well as similarities between the five generations in the workplace.
  • learn about how the latest generational trends are changing the workplace environment of today.
  • learn specific strategies to support the needs of each generation in the workplace. 

1:30 - 2:45 PM: Concurrent Session 2

Empowering the Empowerer: Transformative Career Development Strategies for Career Counselors
Kenya Johnson, Founder & CEO -  Auclare Vision

Ignite your passion and elevate your impact with the "Empowering the Empowerer" workshop! This career-altering experience is crafted to re-energize, inspire, and arm career counselors with the essential tools and strategies for guiding purpose-driven careers. Dive into this immersive and interactive workshop that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, transformative strategies, and actualizing your career aspirations while empowering others.

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • identify purpose-driven career components, evaluate their impact, and harmonize personal goals with client empowerment.
  • perform gap analyses to foster growth mindset, adaptability, and innovation in their careers and practice.
  • skillfully merge best practices, balancing personal objectives with compassionate support for clients' purpose-driven careers.
  • proficiently apply purpose-driven strategies, conduct gap analyses, and achieve a balanced approach to personal and client career development.

Decision-Making Dilemmas: A Not-So-Talked-About Factor in Career Development
Karen Litzinger, Career Counselor -  Litzinger Career Consulting     

 It’s time for us to reshape our thinking and go beyond the standard two pillars of self-awareness and career research. Our constituents can have mountains of awareness and get lost in the rabbit hole of information, yet still be stuck in the process or gripped with indecision. The third pillar is bringing information, emotions and cognitive beliefs together to actually make a decision. Learn how can we help constituents get to this outcome, whether it is during our process or after they’ve terminated or disappeared. This interactive workshop will include humor, inspiration, brainstorming, case studies and practical tools.

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • multiple theories and research of decision-making and how they relate to career development
  • brainstorm and learn how to identify six common psychological barriers to career decision-making and how to recognize and address them
  • learn about decision coaching tools and apply them in case studies
  • be able to use two re-producible decision worksheets with constituents in two parts of the career planning process

Technology Tools to Boost Productivity for ADHD Clients (or Anyone)
Elle O’Flaherty, Founder & Coach - Interlace Solutions 

This highly practical presentation is designed for anyone interested in leveraging technology to improve productivity. We will begin by shedding light on the unique challenges faced by individuals with ADHD that can impact productivity, along with universal productivity barriers. We will explore an array of tools – ranging from task management and time tracking apps to focus-enhancing tools and organization software – that are particularly beneficial for those with ADHD but can benefit anyone. You will learn to implement and customize these tools effectively to integrate them into daily routines and work habits. Join us to unlock the potential of technology to boost productivity and transform your workflow.

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • Understand the Challenges: gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique productivity challenges faced by individuals with ADHD and how these challenges can apply more broadly, offering insights into productivity barriers that many individuals may face.
  • Explore Technology Tools: Attendees will be introduced to a range of technology tools designed to boost productivity, with a specific focus on those particularly helpful for individuals with ADHD. This includes tools for task management, time management, focus, organization, and collaboration. Attendees will learn the functionalities, benefits, and potential limitations of each tool.
  • Implement Tools Effectively: learn how to effectively implement these technology tools in their own lives or in the lives of clients, including tips for setting up, customization, and long-term use.

3:00 - 4:15 PM: Concurrent Session 3

How to Prepare Your Clients for a Layoff
Laura M. Labovich, CEO - The Career Strategy Group

As career coaches and counselors, it is becoming increasingly critical to prepare our clients for the possibility of a layoff. In times of uncertainty, we must help them develop proactive strategies to become resilient in the face of unexpected job changes.

Learning Objectives, attendees will 
discuss practical ways to help clients navigate potential layoffs, including how to:

  • take a company-audit to identify warning signs within their organization,
  • look for “trigger events” in the marketplace,
  • evaluate their skill set and find opportunities to improve and increase their value to the company,
  • get their finances in order and understand their legal options,
  • build and nurture a robust professional network both internally and externally.

FREE (Finally Releasing Everyone's Expectations)
Mark Smith, Motivational Speaker & Workforce Development Trainer - The Process

Growth and Development is an ongoing process in our lives that changes of the course of time. Many times the culprit that stops counselors, job seekers, trainers, administrators is consistent. Living life through the eyes of others thwarts often keeps us living a life of Stagnation not Progression. At some point, we all must evaluate if we are truly FREE...

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • be able to take an internal look within.
  • away with the tools and steps to help other release the feeling of captivity.
  • be energized and feel as they will no longer look in the rearview mirror.

Re-Centering Our Strategy on Strengths for Career Transition
Anne Scholl-Fiedler, Assistant Director of Career & Academic Planning - Frederick Community College

Whether individuals are transitioning from high school or college to the workforce, or changing jobs and careers, a focus on strengths that an individual is motivated to use can be the ticket for a successful navigation to make that change. When individuals claim their strengths that motivate them, they will experience more success and satisfaction, as well as utilize more of their potential and have a greater sense of well-being. Developing a brand stemming from these strengths can also make the networking process much easier and effective. Working teams can also be developed where members are contributing those strengths that they are most motivated to use. Join us in this uplifting workshop to learn about and experience a portion of the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) that can be used in diverse settings for assisting individuals and groups with career management, job searching, and team building. The DSAP is based on an individual’s narrative of personal experiences rather than a formal assessment, which allows them to own and articulate the strengths they are most motivated to use. This process aligns with Career Construction Theories and Strength-Based approaches to career development and management.   

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • consider a new framework for identifying strengths, networking, and team building that comes from personal experiences
  • learn what keeps us from knowing our true potential and moving forward
  • experience a portion of the articulation process to begin to identify Dependable Strengths, rather than a formal assessment.

4:30 - 5:30 PM: Thursday Closing Keynote

Spencer Niles 
Shaping the Future Through Hope & Authenticity in Career Development

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