December 7 & 8, 2023 - Liberty Mountain Resort

Near Historic Gettysburg PA

Spencer Niles
Thursday Keynote & Friday Workshop      

Spencer previously served as Distinguished Professor and Department Head at Penn State, Professor and Assistant Dean at the University of Virginia. Niles is a Past-President of Chi Sigma Iota International and the only person in the 109-year history of the  NCDA to serve two-terms as President. He is the recipient of the NCDA Eminent Career Award, ACA's Thomas Sweeney Visionary Leadership and Advocacy Award, President’s Award, David Brooks Distinguished Mentor Award, the Hohenshil Publication Award, the ACA Extended Research Award, ACA’s Visionary Leader and Advocate Award, the University of British Columbia’s Noted Scholar Award, and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision’s Legacy Award. Niles is a Fellow of ACA and NCDA. He is Editor for Counselor Education and Supervision and Past-Editor of The Career Development Quarterly and the Journal of Counseling & Development. He has authored or co-authored approximately 150 publications and delivered over 170 presentations on career development theory and practice. Book Authority lists four of his books among the top 100 best-selling career development books of all time. Niles has taught in more than 30 countries and served as a Fulbright Scholar at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research.

Thursday Keynote Reclaiming Your Soul from Work: Making Choices that Honor Your Authentic Self”

This keynote highlights the need to honor your authentic self within your career. The pace of living today and the pressure to cope within an increasingly complex career context make it easy to disconnect your true self from what you do (a soul-spirit disconnect). These disconnections can have disastrous effects on a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be this way, however. There are strategies for increasing your soul-spirit connection in your life. Increasing your soul-spirit connection empowers you to live a life well-lived- the life you were meant to live. This presentation can be applied to your own career and integrated into your work with any client group.

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • have the opportunity to examine their own career context and apply the concepts discussed in this presentation to their own lives
  • learn strategies for helping their clients make authentic choices in their career planning
  • learn about important shifts in career intervention that can shape the nature of their career practice
  • learn about Hope-Action Theory as a tool for helping clients make authentic career choices

Friday Workshop Shaping the Future Through Hope & Authenticity in Career Development

This workshop focuses on two crucial elements in career development: hope and authenticity. Both elements are often ignored in career intervention.  Using Hope-Action Theory (Niles, Amundson, & Yoon, 2010), I will highlight the importance of creating, integrating, and sustaining hope in career development. Hope is the fuel that drives active engagement in career planning.  Hope-Action Theory also facilitates authenticity in career development. Making authentic career development choices, choices that honor our authentic selves, is a constant struggle for most of us. Yet, the lack of authenticity in our choices represents a major source of career dissatisfaction and is often the root of many mental health issues that people suffer.  Hope and authenticity represent essential ingredients for creating a meaningful career and life. 

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • learn how to apply Hope-Action Theory in career counseling and coaching
  • be exposed to career interventions that they can use to guide their own career development as well as their work as career practitioners
  • learn a framework that they can use to guide their clients in navigating career challenges across the lifespan
  • learn how to use the Hope-Action Inventory in career intervention
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