December 7 & 8, 2023 - Liberty Mountain Resort

Near Historic Gettysburg PA

Marie Zimenoff
Thursday Keynote & Friday Workshop      

Marie Zimenoff, CEO of Career Thought Leaders & Resume Writing Academy

Marie knows career services have the power to change lives. She began her professional career as an advisor and recruiter for the Colorado State University mechanical engineering graduate program while completing her Master of Education in Human Resource Studies and Career & Counseling Development. In 2008—the peak of the Great Recession—Marie left the university to start her business. Inspired by a passion to make a difference in the industry, she trains career professionals around the globe in resume writing, career coaching, and business development. She has delivered hundreds of career and leadership development programs, designed curriculum, and provided staff training in workforce, corrections, university, community college, and business environments.

Thursday Keynote How ChatGPT is Changing Hiring & Career Services

The way people work, how they find work, and how they navigate their career journey are all changing quickly. The tools career services providers use are evolving, as is the technology companies use to hire and manage people. Join us to see the future of career-related work based on these advances in technology and trends in how careers are defined and unfold throughout the lifespan. We'll look at ChatGPT and other AI tools that help people find the right fit job, do mock interviews, or write resumes; apps and websites for job search; and more! Then, we'll talk about how career services providers fit into this new world and how to keep our skills marketable in the future of career work.

Learning Objectives, attendees will:

  • understand what technology is used throughout the hiring process (We’ll discuss applicant tracking systems, artificial intelligence, and more)
  • know how companies use technology during sourcing, screening, and interviewing
  • have examples of how career services providers use ChatGPT and other technologies to be more effective and efficient
  • have examples of how job seekers use generative AI and other tools to go farther faster
  • understand why job seekers still need a coach and how they can best partner with these tools

Friday Workshop Career Choice & Change: New Models for the Future of Work

New ways of working, novel career options, and rapid technology adoption demand an evolution of career tools to serve clients better today and help them plan careers for a largely unknown future. During the hands-on workshop, participants will have an opportunity to experience and integrate practical tools they can use with clients tomorrow. We'll explore tools to guide career choice, enable career change without starting over, evaluate trending remote and freelance work options, and tap into the power of positive psychology to manage constant change in our future careers. We'll also look at new research guiding corporate programs in purposeful work and skills-based hiring that we can use as models to adapt the traditional career development frameworks.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • understand how career choice and change models are shifting based on technology in career services and in the workplace
  • have tools they can use with clients of all ages to explore careers and career transition challenges
  • have tools to guide conversations around remote work, freelance work, and other career trends
  • have coaching questions to help clients clarify their messaging and strategy to transition careers

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