Member of the Year Award

MACCA Leaders

Awarded in professional recognition of the MACCA member who has unstintingly given of his or her time and energy to MACCA activities throughout the year. 

  1. Devoted a substantial amount of his/her time to coordinating the annual conference.
  2. Made contributions to enhancing the membership’s knowledge (i.e. Newsletter, conference , active on LinkedIn).
  3. Conducted research on a special project that strengthened the association 

2022 Recipient ~ Cindy Ernharth

Cindy Ernharth has served students in higher education as both an Academic and Career Advisor for over 30 years. She recently joined Harford Community College as a Student Development Specialist. Cindy has experience working with students in STEM, career training programs; displaced workers, under-served populations, and non-traditional students. Cindy’s role as an academic advisor, allows her to work with students from entry to graduation, and develop plans for life and work after graduation. Cindy has been a member for MACCA for many years and is currently the chair of the Conference Committee. Since 2012, Cindy has been a MACCA Board member, currently serving as President for the second year. She helps to maintain the organization's administrative software, assists with the website and communications to the MACCA membership.


Someone once said that one of the "C"s in "MACCA" should stand for Cindy! Cindy has led MACCA well as President in 2022, VP in 2021, and Conference Co-Chair in 2020. Her dedication and work ethic are inspiring. She has been an absolute joy to work with and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts.

She stepped up as President this year and has done a phenomenal job in the position. She has put numerous hours and effort into making the Annual Conference a live event again this year and has taken on new responsibilities as needed to get the job done and make things work!

Previous Recipients

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  • Mark McFadden and Kim Bolig (2004)
  • Tim Kirkner and Mark McFadden (2003)
  • Tim Kirkner (2002)
  • Joan Hawkins (2001)



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